Personal Training

Thrive STL: Exceptional personal training and nutrition coaching with exceptional results. We pride ourselves on delivering a personal, customized plan for success for each one of our clients. And the first step in this process is for one of our personal trainers to expertly conduct an initial assessment.

What Does Our Process Look Like?


Our comprehensive three-part assessment process involves:

  • A complete body composition assessment (to understand where you are at this moment)
  • A total health and history questionnaire (to understand your health history)
  • A discussion of specific goals you want to achieve (to determine where you want to be)

While these steps are important and mostly focused on numbers, we also want to take the time to get to know you as a person. What are your personal goals? What have you tried in the past that maybe worked for a while but then…didn’t? What barriers are in place that might prevent you from reaching your goals?

This total body holistic approach is a key ingredient in all that we do because it allows us to pull the lens back a bit and see the complete picture of who you are and more specifically, what you want to achieve. This picture becomes our working blueprint that our trainers use to create and customize a program just for you, with realistic goals that set you up for success.


Once your plan is in place, you’re ready to get started with personal training. This may occur one on one or in a small group of up to three people, but don’t let that intimidate you. You’re still working on your individual program. Your trainer gets everything set up and ready so while you may be working alongside other people with the same trainer, your program is still unique to you. Your trainer is there advising, coaching, and tracking your progress according to your individual plan.


The sense of community this small group training creates is valuable and powerful! There is no judgment. You aren’t competing with anyone other than yourself. In fact, we find the people in small group training develop stronger relationships and rapport with one another because they’re cheering each other along, offering encouragement during tough sessions, and celebrating milestones and successes.

Our clients can attest to the essential power of community in our small group personal training sessions.